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jkutianski/d3-templating - Plugin to support templating engines on D3. jkutianski/d3-clone - Plugin to append/insert cloned nodes by D3 selections. Kcnarf/d3-beeswarm - D3 plugin which computes a beeswarm arrangement. Kcnarf/d3-weigthed-voronoi - Compute a Weighted Voronoi diagram of a set of weighted two-dimensional sites.
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Here you can control extensions, apps and themes, enable and disable content permissions globally or allow and block plugins and other content for the current site.The new components page which replaced the original plugins page some time ago is also accessible here.Now, when adobe flash player is not among the chrome plugins anymore, we removed the Flash plugin controls from the menu.In order to be inline with the single-click single purpose policy, we removed some unrelated menu items Clear History and History On/Off but added two new relevant options: Global" permissions" to allow/block plugins globally and Keyboard" Shortcuts" so you can quickly manage extension shortcuts directly from the Plugins menu.
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Pour le C, il y a FxEngine Framework, qui permet le traitement de flux de données, et le framework Qt. Sur Delphi, le TMS Plugin Framework est supporté. Pour Java sont offerts deux plugins du projet Eclipse, soit le Java Plugin Framework JPF et le Rich Client Platform RCP.
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FX Collection 2 Upgrade. FX Collection 2. Addictive Keys Complete Collection. Analog Lab V. Free Plugins View All. Browse the most popular free VST and AU plugins. OP-1 Drum Utility. Compressors View All. Supercharge your productions with our favorite compressors. RX 9 Standard Upgrade. RX 9 Standard. KORG Collection 3 Upgrade.
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16 notes en tout. Performance plugin from the WordPress Performance Team, which is a collection of standalone performance modules. WordPress Performance Team 20000 installations actives Testé avec 6.1 Mise à jour il y a 2 semaines. 153 notes en tout.
Installer le plugin Flash pour voir des vidéos, animations et jeux Assistance de Firefox.
Quand vous visitez une page web qui utilise Flash et que vous navez pas le plugin nécessaire, vous verrez le message Un plugin est nécessaire pour afficher ce contenu pour les parties de la page qui nécessitent Flash.: Suivez ces étapes pour installer la dernière version du plugin Flash Player.

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